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I offer consulting services on a per project or hourly basis depending on your needs.  My experience includes over 32 years in Event Design and Production with rental products appearing in all 50 states and 13 countries.

Additionally, I owned and  operated a consulting company for 10 years, utilizing my Industrial and Operations Engineering degree from The University of Michigan, and specializing in HUMAN FACTORS (workspace design) and FACILITIES DESIGN and LAYOUT.

We offer consulting services to hospitality based businesses.


We design and create floorplans (diagrams, site plans, layouts, or sketches) of events spaces for a wide range of event styles.  We service corporate meetings and dinners, theater or classroom style seating, galas, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and other types of events.

Floorplan drawings can be done for indoor or outdoor venues and are customized not only to each event but can be customized to specific GUEST LISTS.

Our drawings are "to scale" and can include:
Tables and chairs
Dance floors
Food and Beverage Service stations
Entertainment vendors
Technical Workspace

We will follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and make recommendations based on the most current guidelines available to maximize your guest count while adhering to current regulations.  Each event will be SPECIFICALLY tailored not only to the guest count but based on the relationships of the guests at each table.

table design social distancing 72 round
BEO floorplan layout diagram ballroom party 72

Under the current Social Distancing guidelines there must be 6 ft between TWO guests not living in the same household.

We recommend using 6 ft buffet tables instead of 72" round tables to create more room in the event space to accommodate more guests..

beo social distancing 72 round tables ballroom

Under the current SD guidelines with THREE guests per table, not living in the same household, you create proper SD if guests are seated normally in their chairs.

If guests move forward to eat, with no masks in place, they are below the recommended guidelines for SD.

72 round covid social distancing

Under the current SD guidelines with FOUR guests, not living in the same household, you will not have proper SD until the guidelines become 3 ft between guests.


The key to MAXIMIZING room space is utilizing all the square footage available in each room.  This starts by having an ACCURATE room diagram with measurements and architectural features (doors, windows, airwall pockets) properly identified.  

We review the current documents provided by the venue and verify then with actual measurements.  If there no existing document files then we can create an accurate version.

The end deliverable is a working room diagram, including relevant ceiling heights that can be shared with clients, planners, and vendors.  We can incorporate electric circuits and outlets, as well as, hanging/rigging points in the ceiling.

Additionally, photos, 360 degree panoramic photos, videos, or 3D scans of the rooms are available to create a more complete package.

venue layout diagram


An outline of the rooms was created. Doors, windows, and walls were all identified, as well as, measured.

layout sweet 16 mitzvah


The floorplan for the event was created, to scale, as the space was very small for he number of guests, so exact measurements were needed to make sure all the elements could be accommodated.

Body Temperature
Detection Systems

One of the most important features for gathering groups of people will be to try and reduce the risk of guests infecting other guests. In addition to social distancing and masks, another key element would be to help identify people who may have early symptoms of CV19 virus, the flu, or even a cold.

While a temperature reading is not a substitute for a medical evaluation or test for the virus, it can be used to identify POTENTIALLY infected guests or employees who exhibit a temperature higher than normal levels. The abnormal range can be determined by each area.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) issued guidance expanding the use of telethermographic (TTG) systems for triage use during the public health crisis. Because fever is a common symptom of the virus, FDA says that telethermographic systems, which convert infrared radiation into body temperature measurement, can be deployed to use for initial triage at high-traffic areas, such as airports, businesses, warehouses and factories, as well as in settings where thermometers may be in short supply.

In addition to offering State of the Art detection equipment, we will help:
- create complete systems with customer pleasing asthetics,
- create information systems to manage data, if needed,
- assist with additional screening protocols, and
- develop monitoring stations to be used at detection stations.

We offer THREE different full system options depending on specific needs in each area.

security screening temperature device

CustomerGuest Areas

The most important feature of the telethermographic detection system is that REQUIRED temperature readings can be taken from a safe distance, thus, reducing the exposure for employees responsible for temperature taking tasks. 

telethermographic temperature security screening
Single Stations
temperature security infrared
High traffic volume
screening employee temps temperature

Employee Areas

Body temperature detection systems can be incorporated into the employee time clock/check in location near the Security Office. Employees can be screened before being allowed to clock in for work. Some systems can store employee photos to assist in facial recognition, if desired.


We have designed our own line of face masks for purchase in single quantities or bulk purchases.

covid covid19 homemade mask masks


We use a double layer of fabric which stretches and creates a tighter fit on the face.  The tighter fit requires less adjustment on the face throughout the day.

homemade mask masks covid

Ear Loops

Our earloops are designed with elastic which allows you to pull them over your ears or UNDER the ears to reduce irritation at the ears.

Rear Connection

Pulling the earloops to the back of the neck allows for a more comfortable fit.  

colors mask masks homemade
mask masks homemade print prints animal



In order to help facilitate cleaning and disinfecting of furniture our CLEAR ACRYLIC CHAIRS can be quickly and easily be wiped down between sessions or uses.

clear acrylic ghost chairs wedding


We have been in the MEETINGS & EVENTS industry since 1988 with products and events in all 50 states and 13 countries.

Here is some of our event design work.

About Us

Always at the forefront of any new products or innovations in the event industry my design experience, educational background, a stellar reputation for quality and integrity, and a desire to continue working in this industry has led me to this new journey.